Here is a collection of the posters the participants designed cooperatively during the workshops they attended in Lleida. Next academic course, we pledge to implement as many changing actions as they suggested in our respective schools. We would like to thank them for all their work and effort in coming up with these ambitious and sustainable ideas which will be transformed into real and authentic actions. We strongly believe these actions will surely have an impact in our schools and consequently in all the students’ lives.

The H.O.P.E project

All the participants received feedback which enabled them to discover the tools to start building their project. First, Jordi Prats head at Ecoestudi prepared two dynamic sessions (2 hours each). The participants were distributed in 5 heterogenous groups (4 Latvian and 4 Catalan students in each group). Thus, cooperatively they shared their views and ideas based on the 17 SDGs which Jordi introduced just at the beginning of the first session. An initial brainstorming was a key starting point for the groups which allowed them to start looking for sustainable ideas to improve the school. They achived this objective, sharing their ideas with the other groups. Finally, they chose the most efficient and realistic ones and they designed posters using canva. These are the posters that we are going to use in our school, INS Manuel de Montsuar and in Talsu 2.Vidusskola so as to encourage all the educational communities to participate and take an active part in the different actions that will be a part of the school’s identity in the next academic course. In the next post, we share all the posters with you.

Apart from the workshops, the students visited a natural resource like Mas de Melons and the Eco Egg Farm “Codi 0” which offered them open-minding experiences towards sustainability and ecological values.

Planning in Lleida

Our friends from Talsi spent 7 days in Lleida, our home town, working on our project and taking an active part in different trips and activities. We planned a whole week packed with several trips, activitives, workshops and lessons. Some trips included a cultural trip to Barcelona and a project-related workshop in Mas de Melons Both Latvians and Catalans really had an amazing time, some of them even cried on the farewell evening! They all got along and set the roots for a fruitful and everlasting friendship. Now, it’s our turn to visit them in Talsi. We are eager to see them all again and have fun together!