This morning some of the 2nd of ESO students involved in the eTwinning project have participated in a Skype Videomeeting with their partners who were in Latvia and in Lleida. Although we have experienced some technical problems, we have finally succeeded and all the students have been able to exchange their views on sports and traditions. One of the funniest moments was when the students in Lleida have talked about the “Aplec del Caragol”, the idea of eating snails has struck the Talsi students! Our students have learnt that the Latvian national sport is hockey and that they ski a lot. Our most practised sport is football. Some of the students in Talsi play football too so maybe when they come here they can play a match!

Thanks a lot for your eagerness to use English to communicate and for showing curiosity in many aspects.

We’ll share the pictures and the video soon! Stay tuned!


The eTwinning Team


“Mercadet dels Valors” – “Market of Values Workshop”

Last 23rd of November 2017 the students of 2nd of ESO prepared an evening for the families and the school community. The students set up  different stalls where they showed and explained all the work they have been doing in class this 1st term. Of course, one of the stalls was devoted to English, especifically to our eTwinning project.

There were 2 different eTwinning workshops for the families, students and teachers that came to the venue. In the first one, the objective was to distribute different objects and put them inside the appropriate bins in order to recycle them properly. In the second one the students had previously designed a “Kahoot” quiz on the environment and how we could improve it. The participants could answer the questions on the quiz using a laptop or their own mobile phones.

All the students involved did an amazing work. Congratulations to you all!

Here are some pictures of that night:



  • FES:“Food, Environment & Sport: Let’s Be Healthier!”layout_icon

  • WHAT

“eTwinning is the community for schools in Europe. eTwinning offers a platform for staff (teachers, head teachers, librarians, etc.), working in a school in one of the European countries involved, to communicate, collaborate, develop projects, share and, in short, feel and be part of the most exciting learning community in Europe.”

We used this platform to find our partners in Latvia: Talsu2.Vidusskola

We are going to work cooperatively with them, as well as exchange and share pieces of work related to a common topic.

  • WHEN

We are going to work an hour a week always the same day of the week.

  • HOW

You will be working in heterogeneous groups. You will have a dossier with all the content.

  • WHY

There are many reasons why…

1- To improve your English and your communications skills.

2- To learn how to work in a team.

3- To know students your age from a different country with a different language and culture.

4 – To use ICT and other useful tools.

5- To make our contribution to make our community a better place to live


It  will be the blog we will share with our eTwinning friends. Go there now and write a post describing yourself, talk about your family and hobbies as well and don’t forget to upload your photo.