Last May the 20th all the FES project participants worked together in an online meeting that started at 12 am and finished at 2.30. First, the headmasters of both schools gave a farewell speech and thanked all the students and teachers involved in the project for their hard work and committment. Then, the Catalan and Latvian students were divided in mixed breakout rooms where they had to cooperate to design either a poster or a presentation. While the students were working in their groups the project coordinators and other teachers involved scheduled the next dates for a future Job Shadowing experience and also discussed issues regarding our brand new project for next academic year. Finally, once the online meeting was over the students were asked to fill in a Google form questionnaire to assess their Erasmus+ experience.

Here you have a photo of the online session and the programme:

Trips Cancelled!

We are very sorry to announce that the current COVID-19 pandemic hampers us from travelling either to Talsi or to Lleida. There are many people in Spain still waiting to be vaccinated and eventhough the lessons have not been interrupted yet, Spanish authorities strongly recommend not to plan any educational trip at least for 3 months. In fact, to be more specific, Latvia has established a 10-day quarentine for those who travel from Spain. The situation in Latvia is slightly better in terms of Covid impact on population but students all over the country haven’t stopped attending online lessons yet. Our project was adjourned until June but we consider we can’t take any steps further regarding the planned mobilities considering the state of the play.

We would also like to share with you that most of the students involved in the project are still working hard on it, undertaking different actions in school and above all actively participating in several online sessions that we’ve been carrying out so far. In fact, we’ve already done 3 online sessions where students have shared ideas widely connected to our project and they have learnt how to improve their lives with new useful ideas. For instance, Latvian students told us about reusing clothes so as not to pollute the environment and to be more conscious about the fact that people have more clothes and accessories than they actually need. It was really interesting and Spanish students were quite curious about it. Consequently, they shared with their Latvian partners an idea that fostered their curiosity: using clothes bins -we have many in Lleida, they don’t in Talsi- to give our clothes a new life thus helping people without resources at the same time.

Our next Teams sessions will take place on the 11th of March and our students in Spain are preparing presentations on the following topics:

We’ll share their presentation both in our blog and Twinspace. The students will prepare them cooperatively in small groups. We are sure that, once again, we’ll be able to adopt and adapt good practices from both countries.

The Erasmus Team

Second online meeting with Latvia

Last Thursday 10th December our students in Lleida met online once again with their friends in Talsi. This time, the Montsuar’s students were in charge of introducing presentations on several topics related to our FES project which they had previously uploaded in our shared Twinspace in the eTwinning platform. They dealt with topics such as: Catalan traditions, Christmas in Lleida, Coronavirus in Lleida, How we cope with coronavirus in our secondary school?, healthy habits in COVID-19 times… Worth mentioning is how shocked the Talsi students were at our “Three Wise Men” celebration on the 6th of January as well at “Cagatió”.

Sharing makes our students learn and get more curious about other European traditions and realities.

Here you can see some of the moments lived during that meeting: LINK

The students involved in the project introduced the topics they had been working on quite well and they got engaged in a conversation with the students in Talsi who were eager to dig into both our typical traditions and the protocols citizens have to follow these days here in Catalonia.

A huge thanks to all the students and teachers who joined in our meeting.

Let’s keep fingers crossed so that we can meet face-to-face pretty soon.

Below you can download some of the presentations:

Presentation 2 (link to Prezi)

New Online Session on Fighting Viruses on COVID-19 Times!

We are glad to let you know that, after all these uncertain and busy days at school where we have been learning how to cope with coronavirus, we have participated in a joint online session with our friends in Talsi. We have worked on one of the issues included in our FES project: health and wellness.

Lately we are facing a new and challenging situation which feels undoubtedly tough and dull for most of us but we need to find ways to make the most of our time even if our days have somehow been turned upside down. In order to stay positive, we can learn different ways to improve our health so that we get strength and the virus does not dare to “visit” us at all. Our friends in Talsi prepared cool and interesting presentations which they showed us in our online meeting. We learnt new concepts and gained knowledge on specific healthy measures to fight coronavirus. We are eager to follow some of their advice and try out their delicious Latvian recipes at home! Thanks a lot, you all did a great job! By the way, we were absolutely impressed and delighted with your English fluency and command.

The Latvian students have uploaded the presentation in our Twinspace. Here are some pictures on the online meeting which took place last Thursday 12th of November 2020.

Chin up! Things will surely get better soon.

Thanks to all the participants. We’ll keep fingers crossed so that we can meet up very soon!

Erasmus+ exchange postponed!


Hi there everyone!

As you may already know we didn’t have any other choice than to change the dates of our exchange trips. They were supposed to take place in March and April but due to the “Covid-19” crisis  we didn’t want any of the participants to take any unnecessary risks and besides flights in Europe were all cancelled.

We are sad because we were absolutely willing to live this experience and to work on our documentary, but we have to stay at home and try to do our best to follow the advice the authorities give.

The following are the possible dates for both our trips. However, we will have to wait and see if the situation gets better and we can get back to our “normal” lives:

Trip to Talsi: 1-8 October 2020

Trip to Lleida: 26 October – 4 November 2020

Let’s keep fingers crossed and hope we can travel this time.

Good luck and take care!

The Erasmus Team

Getting ready for our next online meeting

The 3rd of ESO students have been designing posters related to climate change: a viral issue nowadays. All the week through they have thought and discuss different ways of improving our environment and they have created very good graphic and sensitive displays.

They will present their ideas,in English of course, in our next online meeting on Monday, December the 9th. They have worked in small groups and their Erasmus project representatives will share their their thoughts and views on climate change with their friends in Talsi.

Congratulations for being so creative and ecofriendly!

The Erasmus team



We are really proud of you guys! You’ve made amazing presentations, and that way the students involved in the exchange will get to know more things both about you and about the country they will visit in March (Catalonia) and in April (Latvia).

Just remember, for those of you who are interested in joining the exchange, that there will be a family meeting next Thursday 7th of November at 7.30 pm. Students are welcome as well, not just the families. If you come you will be able to solve all the doubts you have regarding this Erasmus + KA229 experience that we have already started with the video presentations. Next step is next Monday’s video-conference with Latvia.

Still a lot more to come!

The Erasmus team

Experiència a Talsi

Alguns dels alumnes de 3r d’ESO que van participar en l’intercanvi amb Letònia, parlen de la seva estada a Talsi i de com han viscut aquesta experiència.

En aquesta vida m’han passat coses extraordinàries, moments i irrepetibles, i un d’aquests va ser l’experiència de l’intercanvi amb l’institut de Talsi (Lètonia). Vaig tenir l’oportunitat de conèixer nous costums, tradicions i sobretot, el més important, noves persones. Vaig fer amistats i vaig lligar fils inseparables en la meva estada a l’estranger. Vaig conèixer persones fantàstiques amb un gran cor i una gran empatia per la gent.
Vaig residir en la casa del meu company d’intercanvi. He dit company però perfectament i sense cap problema li puc dir amic. El Patricks va demostrar ser una gran persona amb una gran amabilitat cap a les persones i una humilitat inigualable. Crec que van ser uns dels millors dies de la meva vida. Juntament amb ell i amb els seus amics. Vam riure molt (això que diuen que són freds i reservats).
També vam fer sortides interessants, tot i que d’això no en vull parlar; ja que el que més em va impressionar i  agradar van ser ells. Unes persones com cal, amb un gran sentiment dins seu, amb ganes de passar-s’ho bé i amb un gran nivell de confiança.
Vam riure i vam plorar junts, almenys jo vaig poder gaudir d’una estada magnífica i de la que me’n enduc un gran rècord i una gran enyorança. I tot això en nou dies, qui ho anava a dir?
Kevin Navas


Anar d’Erasmus a Letònia per mi ha significat molt més que fer un viatge a l’estranger. He descobert un país nou, amb una cultura diferent però sobretot amb persones que han fet de l’experiència una cosa inoblidable. Fent les activitats, filmant el documental del projecte, el cap de setmana coneixent nous racons amb la família cada moment era una oportunitat per seguir aprenent L’ambient que hi havia entre companys letons i catalans va ser un exemple a seguir. Per oportunitats com aquesta val la pena esforçar-te cada dia perquè tot té la seva recompensa.

Alba Guàrdia


Letònia, un país bàltic, que formava part de l’antiga Unió Soviètica, amb persones serioses i silencioses (o això semblava en un principi) i amb uns costums molt diferents als nostres. I uns alumnes de Lleida cridaners, sempre rient i amb una personalitat oberta. Dues realitats que ni jo mateixa relacionaria. Però que es van trobar en el moment que ens van proposar fer un intercanvi d’Erasmus amb Talsi.

L’Erasmus consistia en mostrar mitjançant un documental, les diferències entre països pel que fa a sostenibilitat, esports i menjar. També havíem d’ensenyar els llocs que visitàvem i les activitats que fèiem tots junts i amb família.

L’estada a Letònia va ser profitosa en molts aspectes. Primer perquè vaig tenir l’oportunitat de veure un país molt diferent al nostre, pel que fa a paisatge i entorn. També perquè vaig poder conviure amb una família d’allà que em va acollir molt bé i em va ensenyar els diferents costums i menjar típic d’allí. A més, em va servir per veure que no tothom és tan afortunat i que no tothom té unes condicions de vida com nosaltres (encara que crec que jo vaig tenir sort). Penso que les famílies es van esforçar per fer-nos sentir còmodes amb ells.

En aquesta estada vam poder crear nous vincles entre alumnes i professors, cosa que va ajudar a que tot anés millor i que ens ho passéssim encara més bé.

Crec que aquestes oportunitats de fer intercanvis que ens dona l’institut són una gran ocasió per conèixer món, altres cultures i fer nous amics. Val la pena aprofitar-les.

Joana Farré